How Can We Live Together?

There is no one we cannot accept without the right understanding. Knowing that we are all unique on the outside while remembering we all came into life the same way is a start. I fancy myself as just as unique as anyone else, but is my uniqueness what makes me human? I do not have a definitive answer to this question, but I do know one thing… Love is the constructive force that sustains us all. We can justify our existence through many different ways, but if our intent is based on anything apart from love, we are only hurting ourselves. Intimidation, argument, and violence are still tools used by many to impose their will on others. But what is the price of such folly? Are we any happier by taking control of our world through force; or are we just stoking the fires of anger in others as well as ourselves? Recently, we saw the results of such anger in Charlottesville, Virginia. Are we progressing as a society by fomenting such conflict? Do we become better people by proclaiming the right to protest? Human history is full of protest; let alone outright rebellion, all to what end?  If we are students of history at all, we can recall that The French Revolution ended with Napoleon declaring himself Emperor. What has happened in Venezuela since Hugo Chavez took power? What about “The Arab Spring?”  It’s true, our experiment with democracy began successfully enough, but are we going to descend into the same conflicts that led to the guillotine; riots in the streets; and suicide bombings? You say it can’t happen here? Well, what was Timothy Mc Veigh’s intent in bombing The Federal Building in Oklahoma City? Or the terrible terrorist attack on 9/11 in New York? These crude attempts to intimidate and/or seek revenge just create more of the same. Anger and resentment just fuel our primal urges. It is a vicious cycle, and it is counter-productive to living peacefully with our neighbors. Ask yourselves: Isn’t there a better way to live than by imposing our views on society? Statues or not, are we all going to “re-write history” so it fits our view of the world as we see it. This is unfortunate because when we use history against each other the results can lead to what we heard about last week in Charlottesville. There are those that would white-wash the pain of The Civil War right out of our memory; and there are those who resist that notion in the name of their White Heritage. Who is right? And does it really matter? History is simply a memory of the past, and, as such, we have demonstrated again and again it is selective according to who is viewing it. Is it going to repair the damage to society-as-a-whole? Look into the eyes of your neighbor. Are they any less human than you? Does our desire to be ‘right’ super-cede their humanity? If I am filled with anger and hate, can I solve my problems by spewing it on others? Ask yourselves honestly… What does this do to our hearts?  Personally, I can find no peace in having to constantly defend my position from attack. Could it all be an misunderstanding based on a lack of love for our fellow beings? Perhaps if we stopped pointing fingers, and began talking to each other, we might begin to understand each others’ problems and concerns.What happened to compromise?  It takes maturity, and a balanced mind, my friends. No one has all the answers to the problems we create for ourselves. We need to figure these things out together to progress as a civil society. I leave you with one last thought… Take a look at the back of a nickel. You will notice the phrase: “E Pluribus Unum.” It means: out of many, one. Isn’t it about time we remembered what this country was really created to be? Thank you for reading these thoughts. If you agree with them, please feel free to pass them on.


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